Temple Item Usage Policy

  • Hall Usage Charge for Snatra Puja is $201/- ( No Charge if no food served)
  • Tables/Chairs Usage Charge:
    1. 25 Chairs $30/-
    2. 5 Tables - $50/-
    3. 5 tables and 50 chairs - $100/-
    4. 10 tables and 100 chairs - $200/-
    5. Mattress Pads (up to 20) - $50/-
    6. Tents (up to 4) - $11/ per tent
  • We do not give the Audio and Video System or the Kitchen items.
  • Any Puja Item nakro is $101/- (For e.g. Shantinath Bhagwan) to take home.
  • Any personal Puja Nakro is $201/- if you serve food in the hall.(No Charge to sponsor Monthly Puja)
  • Any puja done at the temple should be open to the entire Sangh.
  • Only JSOCF members are allowed to use these items.
  • You are responsible to arrange pickup/dropoff during the time when some committee member or other assigned member is available.
  • Person borrowing any item must return it in the same state/condition within 7-14 days. If other member has requested for the same item sooner, then it has to be returned immediately to accommodate the request of the fellow sangh member.
      1. Any damage to the item will have to be fixed before returning to the temple.
      2. Non-adherence to the established item return timeline policy will lead to a financial penalty to a borrower.

    The fee can be waived in exceptional cases for items to be borrowed by other communities/associations. Please contact any of the committee members.